Startup Zagreb is an NGO founded with a goal to connect the Zagreb startup ecosystem.

Startup Zagreb is a non-profit association registered in May 2018 in the city of Zagreb, Croatia.

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We strive to bring the best practices of other startup hubs and implement them in Zagreb to create the right environment necessary for the creation and scale-up of new and existing startups.

We have a "bottom-up" approach on developing a local startup ecosystem (bottom-up approach is the piecing together of systems to give rise to more complex systems, thus making the original systems sub-systems of the emergent system). We are collaborating with all the startup ecosystem stakeholders to list and categorize all the problems, needs and opportunities for startups in Zagreb.

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Connect the Zagreb startup ecosystem
stakeholders so we can all work together to create the right environment for the creation of new startups and the growth of existing startups

Create a central point of information
for the Zagreb startup community by writing articles about startups and startup topics as well as having an uptodate startup event calendar

Create a central contact point
for the Zagreb startup ecosystem to allow better communication within the startup community as well as with other startup ecosystems and startup organizations worldwide

Support the startup founders in Zagreb
by giving them information, education, advice, contacts, and by connecting them to the resources they need most to help them succeed