Fireside chat with Bernard Grum ABC Accelerator

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Apr 23 2019


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Fireside chat with Bernard Grum ABC Accelerator

Startup Grind Zagreb hosts Bernard Grum, the CEO and co-founder of ABC Accelerator.

ABC Accelerator is the largest private accelerator in South Eastern Europe with an award-winning acceleration program for startups and scaleups designed to grow your business and increase your valuation, combined with a 25k€ convertible loan and an option for 100k-250k€ investment as the way to scale.

ABC is the acceleration engine that pushes new businesses and startups to greater heights, connecting them with industry-specific partners, investors, and mentors. Positioned at the center of the rapidly developing Slovenian startup ecosystem, it represents an important hub in the startup ecosystem of South-East Europe, of which Slovenia is the most developed part.

They intend to connect and create a complete growing environment that will accelerate to co businesses and grow the economy as well as improve Slovenia’s visibility by scaling our startups globally. We come from the innovative region, where good ideas are born. Where people always knew how to create, improvise, and be ingenious.

International investors know that this region has serious potential, they see the future of South-Eastern Europe as a leading area in innovation.

Slovenia is conveniently located in the middle of a region with the potential to become a place where the knowledge society is a reality. Startups are expanding through ABC and attracting hundreds of potential investors.

They intend to enable the people from South-Eastern Europe to make their good ideas a reality. In this 3+3 month program, they wish to bring them the confidence to make the big step from passive employment to active entrepreneurship. In this brief program, they validate and develop their product, build up a strong business model, raise funds and get the first of customers.

In order to elevate your startup to the next level, you need to have a winning business case, strong traction or revenue and a dedicated team of people willing to go the extra mile. Accelerators give startups the know-how to survive, introductions to mentors and connections to investors. ABC also optimizes your business and prepares your company for a fast sales growth with five main partners and in-house VC.

Startups are be entitled to free office space, an award-winning acceleration program, access to ABC’s network of partners, investors and 25.000 € of a convertible loan. The startups are followed closely by ABC’s in-house VC – ABC First Growth which cooperates with partners and invests from 100k€ to 250k€ into the best startups.

The ABC Accelerator is strategically situated in the heart of BTC City, which acts as a testing ground for your business. BTC is a business, shopping, entertainment, a recreational and cultural hub with over 450 shops spread across 250,000 m2.

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