National qualifications for the University Startup World Cup 2018 – USWC 2018 – World Championships in which the $ 25,000 prize for the main prize is awarded to students starting teams from different universities around the world have concluded. Of the 10 teams of finalists on national qualifications, 3 of them (Prostec, ZUS, Morpheus) were selected to participate in the final of USWC 2018, which will be held in Copenhagen from October 8th to October 12th 2018.

Prostec is a technological startup with a mission to improve the efficiency of production and operation of animal farms, both in Croatia and in the world. Farmers are faced with a series of problems in keeping the records of animals and the economic part of the farm business that Prostec solves through the symbiosis of technological, informational and economic knowledge and the work, experience and knowledge of farmers so that they can devote themselves to what they love without redundancy.

The ZUS startup concept is based on scientific research in the field of biotechnology and includes prevention of bees dying and increased honey yield. The coexistence of modern agriculture and bee-keeping has led to adverse impacts of agricultural resources (pesticides, antibiotics) on good bacteria in bees (microbial). The ZUS team wants to multiply the well-known strains of good bacteria from bees and treat the bees of injured health with such bacteria.

Morpheus startup is focused around the platform for creating and playing online e-sports software where the player writes a strategy for the game that compares with the strategies of other real-time players in the virtual 3D arena.

The 3 best university startups in Croatia will be presented on October 3, 2018, before going to the World Championship in Denmark.

Presentations will be held in English as well as all questions of the jury.

We invite you to support the teams, meet new people and learn more about how to present to potential investors.

The entry to the event is free, with a mandatory signup via the link: http://bit.ly/2N9qCv1

Lean Startup Croatia was founded with the desire to help all interested parties to become more successful entrepreneurs and innovators and to create products and services that customers would like. Through its activities we want to leave a mark in the development of innovation, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial knowledge in Croatia and contribute to the creation of a healthy economy, based on knowledge and innovation.

The University Startup World Cup is the leading university startup program and the worldwide student startup event, whereby the most promising young talent from the University, business professionals and entrepreneurs gather in Copenhagen. The aim of the competition is to create a network of international students where they can inspire, compare their ideas with others and transform academic knowledge into a sustainable, highly-growing business.

September 30, 2018

Lean Startup Meetup: USWC 2018 Demo Day

National qualifications for the University Startup World Cup 2018 – USWC 2018 – World Championships in which the $ 25,000 prize for the main prize is […]